Thousand Islands

Who else is thinking of that special In-N-Out sauce right now? Just me? Well I guess this is also a sign that I grew up in California because the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of “Thousand Islands” is that Thousand Island dressing secret sauce that goes right over those juicy delicious In-N-Out hamburgers.

To continue on our family trip to Canada, we stopped to visit 1000 Islands, located on the border of Canada and the good ol’ United States. You can take a scenic boat ride out around the islands, and there are beautiful castles, cottages, and mansions galore. If you’ve ever wanted to live on an island, this is probably a good place to do it.


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Top 5 Things to See in Ottawa: Canada’s Capital

I absolutely adore the diverse range of culture and scenery that Canada has to offer. Prior to coming to Canada, the only thing I knew about this country were the memories from years past of a trip to the Western side of Canada (accompanied by beautiful blue lakes and moose). Of course, there are the stereotypes of maple syrup and hockey, and I must say that the maple butter we ended up buying at the local market was absolutely delicious. We spent a day walking around in Ottawa, otherwise known as Canada’s capital and it’s just amazing how much one place has to offer.

Here are some of the places we went to visit:

1. Canadian Museum of History: a glimpse into the ancient civilizations, Native peoples, folk culture, military history, and other events and people that have shaped Canada’s identity and culture.


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Diefenbunker: A Cold War Bunker

I’m so behind on blogging that I’m almost embarrassed to be posting these pictures. It’s already 2016, and our family trip to Canada around September of last year now just seems like a distant memory.

Despite my lack of punctuality with blogging and posting pictures, I figured now that I’m done with my first round of midterms I finally have time to sit down and share some of these pictures from none other than a Cold War bunker! Probably not something you would have imagined right? Yeah, me neither.

Diefunbunker, the official name for the Cold War bunker located in Toronto, Canada, was built starting in 1959 to house government and military officials in the case of a nuclear war.


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A Day in Mont Tremblant

3 months later and I’m still reliving the beauty and charm of Canada. Our family took a small trip to Canada towards the end of this past summer to visit some family friends, and Canada has just been such a nice place to explore with all of its green nature, welcoming people, city life, and mesmerizing scenery. Our first couple of days were well spent in Ottawa, Ontario with some family friends, and one of our first stops was this ski resort named Mont Tremblant tucked away in a quaint little village in Québec. Though our visit was very much greeted by chilly and rainy weather that was almost a little too cold to bear for us Southern Californians, we were rewarded with lush green forest views.


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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s fall without a pumpkin recipe? Though I might not live in a place where we experience seasons, there’s no better way to welcome fall than with the good ol’ pumpkin spice lattes (yes, I’m guilty), indulging in your roommate’s delicious pumpkin spice snickerdoodles, and spending more time than necessary on Pinterest pinning all types of pumpkin recipes for that next holiday party. Since it’s also Thanksgiving season, my sister and I spent our Thursday night baking up a delicious pumpkin pie to serve to our family and friends, and of course we couldn’t let the pumpkin puree go to waste, so naturally I decided to whip up these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for a second round of Friendsgiving!


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Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

Ever since I made my first layer cake, I always get so excited by the idea of stacking cakes and making beautiful creations like this one. I’ve always loved more fruit-y cakes, and this one TOTALLY hits the spot. Lemon and blueberries are such a perfect pair, and this is probably the best cake I’ve ever made by far. I’m not exaggerating. It’s a moist lemon cake bursting with fresh blueberries, complete with freshly made lemon curd that’s tangy yet just the right sweetness. The secret to the cake? Lemon creme Greek yogurt. I decided to substitute Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, and it just seems that every time I use Greek yogurt in my baking, I come up with something magical. Enjoy!


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Matcha Blondie Bars

Of all my favorite things in the world, I would probably list green tea somewhere near the very top of that list. A couple of weeks ago, one of my lovely roommates (also my baking partner here at college) sent me a photo of a recipe titled “green tea frappucino bars”. I think I might have already talked about my green tea obsession with my Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookies, but in the case that you didn’t know how much I love green tea, I’ll tell you again just how much green tea rocks my world.

Telling me that my favorite Starbucks drink can be infused into a literal dessert bar is something that makes my entire day. I will almost always order green tea ice cream or gelato at every ice cream shop, without fail. Having my roommate bring me back green tea flavored desserts from Japan makes my heart melt with joy. Also thought I would like to mention that in a request for some matcha powder from Japan, my roommate’s grandma decided to drive 40 minutes to get me some high-quality matcha powder. Bless her beautiful, sweet heart. I’m so in love.

And here, my friends, is one of the best desserts I have ever tried. Make it, enjoy it, and fall in love.


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