#100HappyDays: Day 96

Well, here I am trying to write about all of the happy memories that freshman year has brought me and trying to wrap it up into a brief post, but this is becoming more of a challenge than I expected. Aside from meeting so many new people, being able to explore La Jolla/ San Diego, learning to live with 16 other girls, going on food adventures, getting down and crazy at dances, cooking in the lounge, satisfying our dessert cravings in the middle of the night, celebrating the holidays together, attempting crazy yoga poses in the suite with my roommates, getting connected with the church life here, having my first opportunity to volunteer in a dental clinic, surfing for the first time, hiking and enjoying the beauty of La Jolla, showing visiting friends the area and talking with them until the wee hours of the morning, pulling 4-am’ers to finish essays, having emotional breakdowns from too much stress, travelling to beautiful Rosarito and having an amazing time, dressing up for no special occasion and eating at a nice restaurant and having the time of my life here, I’ve also learned to take care of myself, survived through three quarters of midterms and finals, cried with my friends over breakups and broken hearts, cried from laughing too hard, experienced unprecedented growth as an individual, been exposed to people of different backgrounds and stories, felt genuine happiness, learned about myself, managed to keep in contact with all of my high school friends, found my best friends here, made lifelong memories, and found a second place to call home.

Even though I’ll only be gone for a short few months before being reunited with all these amazing people again, it seems like I keep forgetting or simply not realizing just how much of an impact my experiences have had on making me the person I am right now at this very moment. Had I not met some of the people I had the privilege of meeting and getting close to this year, I guarantee I would be very different from who I am and I wouldn’t want to change a single thing about this year, all ups and downs included.

Before coming into college, I never imagined how 8 short months could change me. Sure, I still may be the same weird and loud girl, but at the same time, I feel as if everything has changed. My friends here have shown me a whole new side of friendship that I didn’t think was possible, whether it’s coming to deliver dinner to me during the middle of finals week, knowing exactly when something’s wrong just by a simple look, confiding in me and sharing some of the more private and personal stories with each other…basically everything that has allowed me to see why they say that you find your lifelong friends in college. My family here consists of so many loving people who continue to give and provide simply out of the goodness of their hearts. My passion for learning about real world experiences and using my skills to help others has increased tenfold through my interaction with professional dentists and actual patients in clinic and seeing just how grateful they are for what we are able to do for them. My desire to connect with others on a deep, personal level has led me to create so many valuable friendships that I hope to never lose. My love for life has just grown exponentially and I can’t adequately describe everything that college has done for my happiness, my growth, my independence and just me. So I guess while this is the end of a small chapter of my college career, this is also a beginning to the future college years and memories down the road, and if one year in college can already do so much for me, then I can only wonder what the next few years down the road will bring. When you can look back on your experiences and still find so many things to be grateful for despite all the stress, mistakes, disappointments and failures you go through at one point or another, that’s always a reason to smile. Here’s to an incredible year.


Hope your day is beautiful ❀

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