#100HappyDays: Day 99

I’ll admit that in my freshman year of high school I probably never would have expected to become close to some of the girls that I ended up getting close with my junior and senior year. And I’m so glad that I was wrong about that, because I never realized just how much these group of girls would mean to me, even now when we’re all busy with our own lives and schedules. Despite going off on our own separate ways in college, one of the most reassuring things is coming back home and reuniting with each other, picking up where we left off last summer. It’s such a great feeling. We just made breakfast today in the morning, reminisced on our high school memories, shared new memories of college, and just enjoyed each other’s company after months of not seeing each other. It barely feels like we’re older, but everyone is a lot more busier this summer-many of us have jobs, summer classes, internships, mentorship roles, etc. I feel like a proud mama sometimes when I see how mature and independent all of my friends are becoming and how they are so driven. If anything, these friends have truly changed me for the better in always pushing me when things get hard, motivating me, and inspiring me to go after my dreams.

To end off the day, I headed back to San Diego to volunteer at the dental clinic. This was my first time volunteering as X-ray technician since I got my X-ray license and it wasn’t easy at all. In fact, it was frustrating to be completely honest. Working in a professional and highly-paced environment requires you to be on your toes at all times, be efficient and execute properly, many of the things which I feel like I failed to do. Anyways, since it was only my first time, I’m hoping that I’ll get better at what I do over time, but of course, it’s a slow learning process. So until then, I just have to keep trying and we’ll see where that takes me!


Bite down, don’t move, hold still…ok!


Have a lovely day ♥

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